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Kynesim is a small technology consultancy firm based in Cambridge, UK with strong links to the University of Cambridge, for which some of our staff routinely teach.

We provide top-flight hardware and software development services, available on a time and materials or per-project basis to a variety of clients in the UK start-up, SME and public sectors, specialising in video (particularly set-top boxes and connected TVs), home automation and energy monitoring.

Many of us were originally members of SJ Consulting and we have a good track record of delivering challenging technology to solve hard problems on tight deadlines.

Our current focus includes Android devices of various shapes, from phones to TVs to wall-mounted and tablet computers, connected TVs and an increasing amount of USB expertise. We expect more IPv6-related work as the IPv4 address space becomes exhausted and we appear to be looking at more 'big iron' - data-center and web-based - projects.

Recent projects include:

We also have a couple of products of our own that are available for purchase or licencing.

We maintain some software and documentation you can download and you can keep up with us on blogspot and twitter.

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